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Vila Viland-The new station compound

The project deals with the documentation and preservation of an old Templers' house belonged to Viland family from 1902. The house is located between Jaffa and Tel Aviv where the old train station to Jerusalem used to be(known today, after conservation, as "the new station compound"-Hatachana). The Viland family held one of the first cement factory in Israel next to their house.

Arezzo's Fortress

Arezzo's Fortress is an historical multi-layered site (from the 14th century). The current works of restoration aim to give it a functional role in the life of the city, that neglected it for so many years. The work started by analyzing the social traditions of Arezzo. Discovering one of the most famous activity- the antique market that takes place one a month and attracts citizens,visitors and tourists. The project suggests transferring the market inside the Fortress' walls, in order to attract residents and visitors to enjoy and celebrate its new life.

San-Lorenzo's Church- Milan

The project's goal was to create a theatrical space in san lorenzo's piazza in Milan, referring to the old houses that existed there. The “Stage Picture” is the “Look” or physical appearance of the stage for a play. Regarding what previously existed row houses between the “Colonne di San Lorenzo” and the church, the project started reproducing the pre-existing row houses as if they were a theatrical set for the new stage in the square in front of it.

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