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Tel-Aviv Penthouse designed by Ron Kedmi in collaboration
with Noa Denir

This 150 square meter penthouse is a new story addition that was built as part of a preservation project in an eclectic 1920's building, located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The upper floor’s roof is a metal arched construction covered with zinc. Inside the penthouse, the ceiling rises up to 5 meters and is cladded with thin wood planks that grant the space it’s spacious uniqueness. The living room, dining area and kitchen are all one space, spiced with a range of textures, colors and natural materials like the concrete floor, black rough, iron library, stormy, green marble kitchen surface, leather, different types of fabric and wood and a cactus garden facing west, overlooking Tel Aviv’s skyline and the sea. A wooden path crossing the apartment and the balcony, creates a separation between public and private spaces and leads to two large intimate master bedrooms, while one bedroom is white and soft the other is dramatic and intense. Both bedrooms located in east where the sun rises, letting it escort the inhabitants in their daily routine from the moment they awake till the end of their day where they can see it set in the sea.

Architecture: Yaniv Pardo

Photos by: Ron Kedmi/ Noa Denir

Apartment in Bazel, Tel-Aviv

All the large windows in this apartment are quietly whispering "Tel Aviv", sanctifying its freedom, framing the aesthetics of the dirt, the organised chaos, slowly folding the bustling city into the coherence inside, it is neither extroverted nor shy. It has been thought out, minding man and culture 

Photography credits: Sigal Saban

A private house in Ramat-Hasharon

Photography credits: Sigal Saban

Apartment Tel-Aviv

Photography credits: Sigal Saban

House in Tel-Aviv

The original house was built in the early 50s' and major renovation had to be done. During the renovation, a lightened superior gallery was found. Along with the decision to keep the gallery and use it as an open yet private space for the children, another decision was made- to keep the metal reinforcement beams exposed and that is how the uniqueness  of the house was created  


Photography credits Sigal Saban


Apartment in Tel-Aviv

The project was commissioned by a couple who wanted to turn an apartment they own in Zehala (Tel-Aviv) to a short term rental apartment.

They asked for a classic yet interesting space, fine but cheeky, "on the border between Morocco and Provence", a small cosy hotel.

Photography credits Sigal saban

InHouse Real Estate Investment - office

IN HOUSE is a Real estate investments is a company whose offices located in B.S.R building in Bnei-Brak. They wished for a welcoming office, not too homey, not too strict, that would create a collaborative, open working environment.  

Custom made products

Looking for baby products, led me to a whole new world of designs and needs. Realizing that my entire esthetic environment is going to change, I wanted to make sure that the change would be designed and elegant, therefore I designed this adorable cradle, a piece that I would love to have in my living-room and my baby boy would love to spend his first few month in. 

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