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San Gemignano

​​The project offers four main uses: a parking lot, commercial area, a new residential zone and a belvedere terrace overlooking the valley.In the commercial zone, some bars,restaurants, small boutique and craft stores would be available as well as an info - point of the agricultural park. The belvedere would act as a kind of a promenade that would lead all the way down to the valley overlooking the agricultural park, restoring a new look to the city.

Firenze's Pop-Up parasite-Street Hubs

​​The project deals with the complicated parasitic relationship between Florence's inhabitants and the tourists that occupy it and tries to overcome the enormous gaps between places that serves tourists and places for locals. the projects tries to bring back florence to its citizens in a modern way that the city lacks.

Integrated City

​​The objective of this morphologic exercise was to create a modular city that contains at least three different types of uses, using a small standart 20' container (6.10 m × 2.44 m x 2.59), trying not to change its form, not cutting it and duplicating it maximum twice



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